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The 5 Best Brow Lamination Kits – Ranking

Perpetually unmanageable eyebrows that are impossible to tame? It’s high time to start your adventure with long-lasting DIY brow styling. Choose the best product for yourself from our ranking of the best kits for eyebrow lamination at home and decide for yourself how you want your brows to look!  You […]

highlighting foam strips

Highlighting Foam Strips: a Gadget for Multi-Layered Hair Colouring!

Highlighting Foam Strips: a Gadget for Multi-Layered Hair Colouring! Hair colouring is the most common treatment in every hair salon.  Year by year there are more different colouring techniques that attract new clients. Highlighting Foam Strips facilitate multi-layered colour treatments and cut your colouring time by up to half! Hair colouring strips from the […]