Philosophy of beauty. How does Ayurveda improve our look?

Look beautiful and feel good – these two issues have appeared to be equal recently. As consumers we become more and more aware of what we use to boost our beauty with. Larded with chemical substances cosmetics have become rarity in our bathrooms, luckily. We turn to tested-and-tried recipes and primeval philosophies to find ways of making our hair, body and complexion beautiful. One of the most powerful is Ayurveda.

Have skin and hair like old peoples

Hindu, Slavic, Mayan, or perhaps peoples of ancient Egypt? This is truly prepossessing that from time immemorial women wanted to look good and took the proper care of their beauty. What is even more surprising, many of the old beauty tricks are still used today.

Milk bath? Cleopatra was right, milk proteins are good at smoothing skin and highlighting discolorations. Nettle for hair? It’s just a hair wash absolute. Chamomile tonic – soothes irritations, acidifies perfectly and maintains hydration of skin. Herbal bath and essential oil bath don’t only improve mood but also cure many ailments.

Pure beauty ritual with a note of orient

However, there is nothing else which works as incredibly as oiling – not only (though mostly) of hair. This is a long-known way of making skin beautiful and smooth as well as long, shiny and strong hair. Oil treatment brings to mind the old Hindu rituals carried out at the candlelight and aroma of frankincense. Hair oil treatment is a procedure that has its special place in Ayurveda – a philosophy and medicine of Far East which, luckily, we can get bogged down even today thanks to the detailed descriptions carried by the holy book of Hinduism.

How to carry out body or hair oil treatment?

Treating hair with oils is a procedure that brings out tremendous benefits to hair. This treatment requires selecting right kind of oil, natural one and cold-pressed, or just buying a readymade blend of high quality natural oils. Once a matching product is found, it has to be applied to the scalp and hair to be rinsed after an hour. This procedure carried out once a week only is enough to help hair become healthier, stronger and shiny. Basically, hair bulbs will become stronger, hair will start growing faster and the entire hairdo will become thicker. Smooth and youthful skin is another positive side of using oils daily. Just keep applying these natural substances regularly (e.g. massage) to notice improvement of your skin look.

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