Fallen state of hair. What can help it? Mesotherapy for hair VS hair oiling

This happens more and more frequently: uncontrolled hair loss, hair thinning and volume loss. The statistics show that every fifth women and every third man have problems with hair. Unfortunately, there are many factors that weaken hair, some of which simply can’t be eliminated no matter how hard we would try to. As a consequence, many people consider undergoing treatments that belong to aesthetic medicine field. Is hair mesotherapy a good solution? Is there something to replace this procedure with?

What is mesotherapy for hair and scalp?

Mesotherapy is a treatment the aim of which is to slow down hair falling out and preventing progressive baldness in a patient. Moreover, mesotherapy depends on injecting scalp with substances that encourage hair growth. Also, this treatment is supposed to help hair remain firmly rooted in scalp.

The procedure isn’t painful although many people report experiencing discomfort and fear of needles. In this situation, you can go for needless mesotherapy for scalp – it’s more gentle to the patient but, at the same time, it is slightly less effective. Despite getting many positive opinions, mesotherapy is linked to many contraindications that, apart from pregnancy and breastfeeding, include:

  • being on one’s period,
  • cancer,
  • allergies,
  • diabetics,
  • taking anticoagulant drugs,
  • inflammations and any other possible forms of skin infections.

Is there anything to replace mesotherapy for hair with?

Few people realize that hair condition can be improved thanks to natural oils and hair oil treatment. Definitely, this procedure requires a little more of patience and it has to be repeated many times but, at the same time, it is safe and completely natural (even pregnant women can apply natural oils to hair). It’s worth pointing out that hair oil treatment can be undergone in one’s free time, at home – which many find as an overwhelming advantage.

How does hair oil treatment work and how does it look like?

In short, this is a long-known beauty treatment originated from India and adopted by many women living in tropical regions of the world. Rubbing natural oils into scalp and hair positively influences hair bulbs and boosts blood circulation of head skin. The array of vitamins and minerals as well as essential fatty acids are delivered to the inner structures of hair and directly to their bulbs. Systematically carried out, this procedure of applying natural oils to hair noticeably fixes damaged structure of strands, boosts appearance and shine, slows down uncontrolled hair loss and encourages hair bulbs to grow long hair.

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