Mascara for False Lashes Effect? See the Best Products

Is it time to replace your mascara or maybe to get a completely new product that will let you finally enjoy the dream lash look? Here’s why we are ranking the mascaras. We want to show you the one that really deserves to be labeled the best pick, and will allow you to save precious time in the morning. Check out the mascaras that should be added to your makeup arsenal.

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Can mascara guarantee a false lashes effect?

When we come across celebrity-endorsed mascara ads and commercials, we come to the conclusion that mascaras can work wonders! The models showing the advertised products have the most gorgeous, voluminous, natural-looking lashes yet these aren’t natural at all…

Let’s face it. Cosmetic manufacturers are perfectly aware of the fact that eye-catching ads are best for attracting shoppers. This is why they hire famous people and use various gimmicks. Models rarely show their natural lashes in a commercial. They usually get lash extensions done by a pro.

However, that does not mean mascara is useless. The best mascara can provide great length and volume, and, thanks to buildable formula, it offers a false lashes effect. We just need to choose the right product.

TOP 4 Mascaras for a New Look!

Finding eyelash products that really excel on the market was a challenge yet we finally managed to select four mascaras, either perfect or close to perfection. Which ones should you consider?

1. Nanolash Mascara


The ranking starts with the undisputed winner, that is Nanolash mascara. It deserves an applause! You can pick among two available versions:

Whether you choose the one for volume or length, you can be sure of wow results. They both come with a unique, perfectly-shaped spoolie which guarantees:

  • full coverage
  • eyelash separation
  • application of mascara on corner lashes without smudging eyelids

The mascara stays put for the entire day without clumping, flaking or smudging, even when it’s rainy, windy or hot.

2. Lashcode Mascara

lashcode mascara

Here’s a mascara for length and volume that will create desired effects with just one stroke of a spoolie. The brush has a special shape which guarantees precise lash separation and clump-free application.

Lashcode Mascara is an extremely long-wear mascara and we haven’t come across reviews saying anything about clumping or running during wear. You can forget mascara smears on a rainy day.

3. Laura Mercier Extra Lash Sculpting Mascara

And another interesting pick, Laura Mercier Extra Lash Sculpting Mascara. It performs well but we can’t say it’s best. The worst thing is the formula leaves awful clumps and lashes stuck together, plus we can’t count on long-lasting makeup. There’s lots of smudging on a rainy day.

The Laura Mercier Extra Lash Sculpting Mascara may start flaking at the end of the day. The brush seems okay; it has short bristles in even rows, which guarantees full coverage.

3. Maybelline Great Lash Mascara 

The Maybelline Great Lash Mascara is widely known and you will find it literally everywhere, attracted by the colorful design. The mascara spoolie has a proper shape and you will like it for combing and separating lashes, delivering full coverage.

There’s one big flaw, though. The mascara has extra watery consistency so it is recommended to avoid applying more than one coating. The product tends to flake and run down at the end of the day.

Choose your perfect mascara!

We have presented four mascaras. The Nanolash Mascara definitely stands out from the rest yet the other products perform well too.

Every woman needs to pick a mascara that is the most likely to fulfill her needs. We recommend paying attention to the ease of application, the mascara wand, and performance. Then, applying eye makeup will be sheer pleasure.