5 facts that will change everything you thought about an eyelash serum!

Eyelash serum – it’s not just a cosmetic. Thanks to it, the cult trend of beautiful eyelashes does not disappear for many seasons. Eyelash serum is able to accelerate their growth, lengthen, darken and thicken. If you still do not know what the success of nutrients is about, we present a handful of surprising facts about it.

1. An eyelash serum makes the lashline fuller

It surprises, but a good lash serum is able to stimulate to work also those eyelash bulbs that have been dormant for a long time. Thanks to this, during its use, we grow a lot more lashes, and thus, the lashline becomes fuller.

2. An eyelash serum conditions eyebrows 

A good eyelash serum is suitable not only for strengthening eyelashes but also takes perfect care of the eyebrows. It will help regrow brows after unsuccessful depilation (plucking) of your eyebrows. Applying it this way has become very popular, because the bold, well-defined eyebrows have been a huge trend for several seasons.

3. An eyelash serum is a remedy after taking off eyelash extensions

Eyelash extensions look beautiful until we take them off. We can see that the natural ones are in a terrible condition. To repair this “landscape after the battle” it is enough to apply an eyelash serum regularly. Already after three weeks, your lashes will recover.

4. An eyelash serum is a remedy for lashes that fell out due to illness or medicine 

Diseases, antibiotics, permanent stress – all this is very much reflected in our appearance. The hair and eyelashes suffer most and start to fall out in excess. The eyelash serum comes with a help – it lengthens the natural lash growth cycle, thanks to which nutrients have more time to nourish, restore the hair and improve their appearance.

5. An eyelash serum strengthens and regenerates damaged lashes 

Thanks to a regular use, eyelash serum makes the lashes reinforced from the bulbs to the ends. Many women claim that they grow longer and darker and there is no need to apply mascara, unless they want to achieve a more expressive, bold look for a special occasion.