You wish to have beautiful hands’ skin? Here’s what you should do

It is said that hands are the first thing that is shown to the world. The fact that we work physically cannot be hidden when our hands are neglected, have scrapes, and nails are damaged. That is why it is so important to take better care of the hands. Do you want to know what you can do in order to have beautiful skin on your hands? If yes, you should read on!

Before you even get to skincare, you should know one thing about the skin of your hands: it is quite thin and almost devoid of sebaceous glands so it is susceptible to dryness. It is easier to trigger irritation and damage the skin in this area than on other parts of the body. In spite of it all, you should take the proper care of them. Here is what you can do for your skin to look better and be less dry.

1. Protect your hands against freeze.

Gloves in the winter are a must! You cannot forget them because low temperatures are one of the key reasons for moisture loss and as a result skin becomes dry and irritated. Without the right protection against the freeze, skin on hands will be red and irritated or can even crack.

In the winter, apart from gloves, you need to use protective creams with good ingredients – the secret ingredient here are emollients which are substances that prevent excess water loss. Among emollients, we can enumerate, e.g. plant-based oils and kinds of butter hence the popularity of shea butter holding the leading role in cream during the winter.

2. Always apply cream after you wash your hands.

As far as hand creams go, there is one more thing you should keep in mind. Precisely that one-time use of hand cream is for nothing. It is the cosmetic that you should always keep at hand and use on a regular basis. The key to beautiful and perfectly moisturized skin of hands is the application of hand cream after every hand wash. Why is it so important? Because most washing products tend to cause irritation and dryness because they remove the natural protective barrier – hand cream is able to effectively replace it.

3. Rub in the oils.

Once in a while, you should also try natural oils, e.g. argan oil, jojoba oil, or high-quality olive oil. Those are ingredients capable to perfectly reinforce the hydrolipid skin barrier and restore your hands with their beauty.

There are two methods to apply oils on hands:

  • you can simply rub the oil in your hands as you do it with hand cream,
  • you can slightly heat up the oil and soak your hands in it for 15 minutes.

4. Wear gloves during the household chores.

In fact, the base is protection. You cannot have beautiful and moisturized hands if you do not provide them with proper protection against all the irritations caused by detergents or microdamage which often happen during household chores. In order to have well–taken care of and moisturized skin of hands, you should wear protective gloves during chores at home. It’s that simple!

5. Be gentle to your hands.

The last piece of advice that may seem quite general holds a lot of truth that you should take to heart. Our hands deserve to be gentle to them. The skin here is thin and easy to suffer from irritations, loses water very fast, and is subjected to all sorts of harmful factors.

Remember to:

  • avoid exposure to the direct sun without UV protection,
  • avoid pulling or biting dry cuticles (it is best to moisturize them),
  • avoid cutting cuticles with a sharp tool, such as razor,
  • avoid doing chores without gloves.

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