What to apply a foundation with? Accessories and brushes for make-up

Foundation, as probably the only colour cosmetic, can be applied on many different ways. We can make use of numerous accessories, that include also make-up brushes. Which method of applying foundation will appear to be the most suitable for you?

The cheapest accessory for applying foundation is a silicone make-up sponge. You can buy it almost at every chemist’s just for a few pennies. They are soft, handy, and the material, they are made from, does not cause irritations (unless you are allergic to silicone). Silicone make-up sponges can be used wet and dry. The cosmetic should be pat into skin, not rubbed. Proper application reduces risk of smudges, stains and so-called mask-like effect. While talking about the application, distribute only small amount of the cosmetic on the sponge regardless of the product’s texture. Only in this way will you obtain natural effect together with delicate level of camouflage. The only drawback of silicone make-up sponge is the difficulty connected with keeping it clean.

Flat make-up brush is the second accessory that can be used for application of a foundation. In fact, it does not matter if the brush is made from natural bristle or the artificial one because both can cause irritations. If you want to put on a foundation using a make-up brush, go by the following rules. Firstly, distribute small amount of the cosmetic on the palm (thanks to this the, colour cosmetic has the possibility to get warmed up). After that, take the make-up brush, collect the cosmetic from your hand and apply it on the face. It must be remembered, distributing a foundation should start from middle parts of the face. Then, obviously, the cosmetic should cover its outer parts. Do not forget to cover your pinna of ears and skin under jawbone. Good news, it is easy to clean up the make-up brush. Last but not least, its shape facilitates application of the foundation even in the hard to reach places like around eye area and nose area.

The most popular accessory for putting on a foundation is a flat top brush. It is cut flat, which on one side make the application easier (because it covers sizable areas of face at once) but on the other hand, it impedes reaching areas like corners of eyes or wings of nose. In short, application depends on stamping  face with the bristle with small amounts of the foundation. This manner of application enables obtaining both natural result and even make-up tone.

The easiest and probably the most effective manner of applying a foundation is use of your own fingers. One of the greatest advantage connected with hands is that they warm up the cosmetic, which makes the product more flexible and susceptible to distribution. The foundation has to be pat into the skin using only fingertips in order to provide the flawless look. Although, the effect produced is neat, it extends time of application of the product.

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