What should be done to make hair grow faster and prevent it from falling out?

Problem of hair loss affects many women. In fact, there can be plenty of reasons why some people’s hair tends to fall out in great amounts. A few of these can be, for example, lack of vitamins, diseases as well as improper hair care. Even a season of the year can determine whether a person’s hair fall out more frequently or not. Fortunately, there are many methods which will help us to struggle with this beauty problem. What is more, there are some techniques due to which it is possible to accelerate hair growth process significantly.

Hair washes and home-made herbal infusions may appear useful for fighting against hair loss and speeding up its growth. It has long been known that natural cosmetics are the best for a human organism. Why? Such products contain numerous nourishing substances, minerals and vitamins. Thanks to them, scalp is healthier, hair full of gloss and soft to the touch. Moreover, hair washes and home-made herbal infusions are allies with fighting against dandruff, seborrhea as well as other skin diseases and ailments. Both hair wash and herbal infusion treatment should last at least a month. Remember, natural substances start working much later than the chemical substances added to some products that can be bought at chemist’s.

Birch juice, also known as birch tree water, can reduce hair falling-out. This product also accelerates growth of hair, strengthens hair roots and eases scalp inflammations. In brief, it is collected in the spring, by tapping bark of a birch and enabling the liquid gathered inside the tree to pour down into a bowl set below. Obviously, birch juice is available at pharmacy’s as well. It contains neither alcohol nor sugar. Furthermore, birch tree water should be stored in a fridge for three days since opened.

Horsetail and nettle hair wash stimulates faster hair growth. Additionally, it aids in eliminating dandruff, eases scalp irritations and nourishes hair. However, the greatest advantage of this natural product is that nettle makes hair glossy. How to prepare the mixture? Put a tablespoon of horsetail and a tablespoon of nettle into a bowl and cover the herbs with boiling water. Leave the infusion aside, letting it cool down. Then, the mixture has to be poured through a strainer and then into a bottle with atomiser. When our home-made hair wash is ready, we can spray our hair with it twice or two times per day. All you have to remember is to prepare a fresh horsetail and nettle hair wash every three days.

Fenugreek hair wash counteracts greasy scalp and hair loss, eases irritated scalp and boosts volume of hair. One tablespoon of fenugreek has to be covered with boiling water and when the mixture cools down, it has to be poured into a clean bottle with atomiser. The infusion has to be rubbed into a scalp once a day for two or three weeks.

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