Siberian Pine Oil – number one hair growth il straight from Siberian tundra

Rising in the cold and harsh climate of Siberia, resistant to difficult conditions, it grew in strength and impresses with its majesty: Siberian pine. In Russia, it is worshipped; it is considered a national good because it treats a number of illnesses, heals, has a positive effect on well-being and takes care of beauty. Siberian pine oil is considered one of the most effective cosmetics. How does it take care of beauty and hair? Get to know its surprising cosmetic properties.

Siberian Pine Oil

Siberian Pine Oil INCI: Pinus Sibirica Oil

The oil is extracted from Siberian pine nuts, which in Russia is considered a tasty and extremely healthy product. It turns out that they have more protein than most meat products – they are a constant part of the diet, because the protein derived from Siberian pine nuts is well absorbed by the human body. The oil is cold-pressed from seeds hidden in small cones of Siberian pine (known as the Siberian lime).

Siberian Pine Oil – what’s in it? [composition]

Siberian pine oil has an amber colour and a subtle aroma. The unrefined, i.e. unpurified version of the oil is the most valuable in terms of cosmetic properties. It contains:

  • high protein concentration – which is a natural building block of hair
  • vitamin E – the so-called vitamin of youth, which inhibits ageing and acts as an antioxidant
  • B vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B4) – build and strengthen the hair shaft, take part in the division of cells, and are responsible for the accumulation of sulfur in the hair matrix and accelerate its growth
  • linoleic acid – is part of the cell membranes, its deficiency makes the skin become flabby and dull and lose its firmness

Siberian Pine Oil – cosmetic purposes 

Siberian pine oil helps prevent many diseases, relieves stress and inhibits the harmful effects of toxins coming from the environment. It has a good effect on the condition of the skin, regenerates and balances the level of sebum secretion on its surface. Regularly applied, reduces wrinkles, itis ideal for massage, is often used at atopic dermatitis. What’s more, it can be applied to dry skin parts, it is also perfect in hand and foot care – it helps the skin regain elasticity and firmness, supports the reduction of cellulite and skin stretch marks.

Siberian Pine Oil – effects 

Siberian pine oil is often used for hair care. It is ideal for hair oil treatment because it cleanses the scalp well, helps remove dead skin cells and product residue from its surface, and additionally, prevents the build-up of keratin at the base of the hair, also preventing hair breakage. Furthermore, Siberian pine oil improves blood circulation and stimulates the bulbs to work, thanks to which hair growth accelerates and the hair fall out is inhibited. Siberian pine oil regulates the secretion of sebum, therefore, it is ideal for thick, heavy hair with a tendency to oiliness. If used regularly, it will make your hair lightweight and fresh, full of shine as well as tamed (Siberian pine oil facilitates hair styling).

Siberian Pine Oil – application 

Siberian Pine oil is an excellent ingredient of many oil blends because it complements their properties and prolongs the durability of those that tend to go rancid faster. It is used for hair oiling: apply it to the scalp and the entire length of the hair, performing a delicate, few-minute massage of the scalp, and after about 15 minutes or (even) after a few hours, wash the hair with a delicate shampoo. Hair oiling should be done at least once a week to bring results.

Siberian Pine Oil – reviews 

Siberian pine oil is relatively expensive, so it is not often chosen as a cosmetic. Even in its homeland, it is rather pricey. Nevertheless, it is most often used in mixtures of various natural oils. Many women use it as a component of face creams or add the substance to lotions or hair conditioners – as a hair care cosmetic, Siberian pine oil gathers very good opinions. Many women praise it because of the fact that the oil is able to eliminate the first small wrinkles and perfectly cleanses the scalp.

Siberian Pine Oil – price 

Extracting oil from pine seeds is an extremely arduous and time-consuming process, which is why its price is extremely high. The content of Siberian pine oil strengthens the prestige of each cosmetic in which it is found. It is worth looking for products that contain Siberian pine oil.

Where to buy Siberian Pine Oil?

The original, pure Siberian pine oil is best to buy … in Russia. Drugstores often issue blends and distributors offer too high prices. If you really want to treat your hair to this precious substance – it’s worth reaching for special oil blends for low porosity hair and containing Siberian pine oil.

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