Nanolash eyelash conditioner – the new quality of look

What are the features that make an eyelash conditioner exceptional? Undoubtedly, the quality is the case in here. Nevertheless, the quality comprises of many components. These are: the method of application and the provision of the active substances to the eyelash roots, the speed of creating the effects, the results obtained during the process of the treatment and the ingredients used in the production of a conditioner to name just a few. And how does Nanolash eyelash conditioner appear to be in the comparison with the above-mentioned factors?

nanolashIf we want to take care of our eyelashes in a comprehensive way, it is advisable to start the care straight from the eyelash roots. From this very place, all the nutrients are spread to other part of the eyelashes. Cogently, we take care of the plants in a garden: we water the roots or fertilize the ground to help leaves, steam and flower to grow better. Thanks to the employment of the specialized cosmetic products, the overall length of eyelashes become nurtured: the steam, the root, the hair bulb, as well as, the tips of the lashes. Nevertheless, to take care of our eyelashes in a professional way you should bear in mind that the appropriate application of the nutrients is one of the central importance. For that reason, Nanolash eyelash conditioner was created as the answer for the proper understanding of the process of application.

How does the application of Nanolash eyelash conditioner look like? The applicator is a pointy brush adjusted especially to the application of the cosmetic right on the follicle line. This kind of application provide almost immediate penetration of Nanolash‘s ingredients to the eyelash roots. Thanks to this, since the very first application, the eyelashes are provided with all the substances which enhance their growth, volume, regeneration and strength. What is also crucial to know while applying the conditioner? Before putting on Nanolash conditioner, it is absolutely fundamental to remove make-up completely. Eyelid skin should be clean and drained to enable the cosmetic to be absorbed and start working on the eyelashes. This process should be followed every evening till the satisfactory effect are visible. It lasts approximately three months. How to use the applicator? With the brush paint a thin line just at the upper and lower eyelid lash line. Nanolash is absorbed right after the application. Despite the liquid consistency the conditioner does not drip off into the eyes.

What is the duration of the treatment and what are the effects produced by Nanolash eyelash conditioner? The prompt action of Nanolash is possible, among others, thanks to the application method and the composition. The desired results are noticeable after two or three weeks since the first application. For the final results we have to wait a little bit longer – two or three months. The complete treatment lasts almost six months. What is more, during the first weeks of treatment, the general condition of eyelashes is improved which, in turn, is followed by the regeneration and nutrition. At the end of the month, lashes become thicker, longer and stronger. Moreover, after three months the length and volume of the eyelashes are evidently doubled. After that, it is advisable to use Nanolash conditioner every few days to support the achieved effects. The new lashes are grown during the period of treatment – these are particularly apparent in the inner corners of the eyes. After finishing the six-month therapy, the length, thickness and the level of nutriment are still presented; because these are the long-lasting effects.

nanolashDo the ingredients influence the effectiveness of Nanolash conditioner treatment? They are of the decisive importance. Due to the usage of the high quality ingredients, eyelashes become deeply nourished, strengthen and rebuilt. The active components make the new lashes grow and increase their volume. Nanolash conditioner comprises also of natural ingredients of plant origin. That is why, you can find flower and fruit essences in the cosmetic. The conditioner does not include any coloring agents, as well as, any other artificial substances. Furthermore, Nanolash is not perfumed. This means that, the conditioner can be used by those who have got sensitive or dry skin in vicinity of the eyes.

Who is Nanolash conditioner destined for? This cosmetic is intended mainly for women, however, it can be also used by men who are in need of the improvement of their eyelashes’ condition (for example, because of the various types of therapies which may lead to the eyelashes and eyebrows fall out). The usage of Nanolash is especially designed for those people who have got short, right and damaged eyebrows, as well as for these, who are expecting an important event in their lives and feel that they need to improve their eyelashes quality (the conditioner is ideal before weddings and proms). Those who suffers from eyes or skin diseases, allergic patients and people during chemotherapy therapy, as well as, women who are pregnant or breast-feeding and the under-aged cannot use Nanolash conditioner. However, people who wear contact lenses are free to receive Nanolash therapy – the conditioner is completely safe, does not cause any irritation and side effects connected with the working of the optical apparatus or face skin.

12 Comments “Nanolash eyelash conditioner – the new quality of look”

  1. Maddison

    I noticed the effects after 3weeks, so after the fourth week I decided not to apply it every day because they grew really long. Ever since, I apply the serum 3 times a week to make sire the effect will last as it is

  2. Viola

    it’s my first cosmetic of this kind and I am very surprised with the result! no unwanted side effects!

  3. Alice28

    It’s ok for me, it works well and does not cause any allergies

  4. Alessandra

    This type of applicator is the best. Serums that come with a mascara-like wand do not work, I know it because I tried many of them

    • Martinique

      I don’t like this applicator, I prefer regular ones

  5. PinaColada

    It’s not for me, I just can’t commit to doing it systemathically so only fake lashes work for me 😀

  6. Sylvie

    I seen effects when I apply castor oil to my lashes and eyebrows

  7. Tessa

    does it work for the eyebrows as well?? I’ve been applying it for the past weeks but so far, I don’t see any improvement

    • Dorothy86

      This serum made my eyebrows thicker. I’ve been using it for 4 months and you can really see the difference

  8. MoNa

    it’s a good serum but so are others in this price range

  9. Pati

    It’s very important for me that th serum has not been animal tested and of course, it works great

  10. alex_beauty_blog

    I have been using this serum forthe past week. Indeed, it is easy to apply and absorbs quickly. I don’t feel it on ly eyelids, there is no no stinging, burning, as it happened to me with a few other serums. I am waiting impatiently for the first results


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