Nanoil hair oil – because your every hair counts!

Nanoil hair oilIt should be said straight forward and frankly: you no longer have to agree to compromise when it comes to hair care.

Until now you had to deal with the same problems that accompany most women: every hair care cosmetic always had some flaw. It either had too much chemical substances, parabens or silicones or it caused frizzing and matte hair… and even when hair started to look quite all right, it turned out that alcohol present in the composition or other ingredient began to dry hair.

Now everything changed. You do not have to torture your hair with artificial substances to make them look beautiful once again. You do not need controversial ingredients to speed up hair growth or make hair denser (these are usually an ingredients in ampoules for hair).

Do not agree to compromise in hair care.
Do not agree to compromise when it comes to your beauty and self-esteem.

Nanoil hair oil – why do you need to know it

Just one natural product will easily replace numerous other in your bathroom.
Regenerates and repairs hair.
Takes care of scalp.
Makes hair denser and speeds up hair growth.
Beautifies hair after just one application.

The product of interest is innovative and brilliant, new hair oil – Nanoil. This cosmetic meets expectations. It is not only universal and provides the entire gamut of possibilities in hair care (from deep regeneration to immediate hair beautification), but also is fully safe, because its power comes from nature and substances, for ages, used for health and beauty purposes. Hair oils (because we talk about them) are an essence and content of Nanoil hair oil. Thanks to them Nanoil is a powerful weapon in fight for beautiful and healthy hair.

Its secret is also in its use recommendation. Nanoil hair oil creators put a lot of work into the oil, so that it meet expectations of 3 different hair types (from thick and heavy, devoid of volume to extremely dry and brittle). For this reason, they matched natural oils accordingly to particles size and their impact on hair porosity. Nanoil hair oil was released in 3 versions. Each of them matches different porosity and contains different natural oils in its composition. It is all to provide hair with the best care: no dryness or weighting down, no irritations and no failures.


Nanoil hair oil – synchronised beauty for your hair

Each of three cosmetic versions makes Nanoil hair oil the best care for given hair type. Each of three products consists of different natural oils, which are expected to meet your hair needs.

Nanoil for high porosity hair

Choose this oil if your hair suffers from extreme damage, dryness and brittleness. The power of this product is in six oils with exceptional properties:

  • Cottonseed Oil – softens and moisturises hair
  • Passion Fruit Oil – restores elasticity
  • Evening Primrose Oil – removes toxins and heals scalp
  • Avocado Oil – the power of seven vitamins for hair nourishment
  • Almond Oil – smoothers, ensures opulent gloss and prevents brittleness
  • Argan Oil – repairs hair structure and protects hair against damage

Nanoil for medium porosity hair

Choose this oil if your hair bulbs are weak, hair starts to fall out, frizz and become damaged (especially at ends). This hair type is usually matte, requires regeneration for damages created on the surface and protection against further damage. Nanoil hair oil in this version offers six natural oils customised for hair condition.

  • Macadamia Oil – absorbs fast and regulates sebum secretion on scalp surface, prevents oily hair, protects scalp from dryness and hair bulbs against weakening
  • Argan Oil – inhibits hair ageing, provides heat protection
  • Marula Oil – takes care of proper hydration level in hair
  • Passion Fruit Oil – restores radiant gloss and tames unruly hair preventing frizz
  • Jojoba Oil – takes care of scalp, prevents hair dehydration, especially at hair ends
  • Coconut oil – protects hair, restores elasticity, gloss and nourishes

Nanoil - the best option for your hair

Nanoil for low porosity hair

Choose it if you have thick hair, devoid of volume and often oily. This hair type is difficult to style because happens to be stiff and on many occasions suffers from excess sebum secretion combined with dandruff.

Nanoil for low porosity hair was developed to nourish, protect and provide volume without weighting hair down. This product is rich in 9 natural oils for hair care.

  • Cupuacu Butter – prevents fly-away hair and revitalises
  • Monoi Oil – ensures elasticity and takes care of hair hydration
  • Babassu Oil – smoothers hair and absorbs perfectly, which contributes to nourishment free of weighting down
  • Shea butter – provides gloss and takes care of hydro-lipid layer
  • Passion Fruit Oil – antioxidant, restores young appearance and gloss, restores elasticity
  • Castor Oil – not only strengthens hair bulbs, but also stimulates hair growth and protects hair colour
  • Pine Oil – protects hair against water loss and dryness
  • Argan Oil – heat protection, enhances vitality, absorbs perfectly and nourishes hair from inside and out
  • Coconut Oil – natural sun filter with SPF 10, that protects hair against damaging sun radiation and other unfavourable atmospheric factors

Natural oils’ properties are enhanced by numerous substances essential to healthy-looking, regenerated and beautiful hair.

Beside silk, keratin and vitamins, Nanoil hair oil contains two unique and ground-breaking ingredients, which have beneficial impact on hair bulbs. These not only regenerate and repair hair, but also stimulate hair growth and contribute to making hair healthier. Women can easily use it to increase hair density, because hair oil used on regular basis makes dormant hair bulbs start working and produce new hair (so called, baby hair).

Nanoil for hair is a complex regeneration for each of three hair types, providing not only regeneration, but also beautiful appearance.

13 Comments “Nanoil hair oil – because your every hair counts!”

  1. Sarah J

    I have never used any hair oils but the more I read about it the more I wanna try them out 😉

  2. anna_molly

    I cannot imagine hair care without hair oil treatments. I never had any serious problems with my hair but ever since I started using oils, my hair looks a lot better

  3. Lisa91

    It’s really a great idea to make such a division in regard to hair porosity. Its the first time I met such agreat cosmetic for hair. I’ll definitley try it out.

  4. jenn

    I like the composition of the one for high porosity hair, I have already used 4 oils that are included in this version of nanoil and I really loved the effect: I think I’m gonna buy this oil:D

  5. Natalie

    I have typicall low porosity hair and it is really hard to do anything with it. Ive been wondering whether hair oiling can really help but it is hard for me to imagine it.

  6. June

    Same here:it was useless to style the hair, because the haircut lasted for an hour or two. I had to wash my hair every day, sometimes even in the evening of the same day and after a few weeks of applying this oil, it started to change: it was much easier for me to put my hair together, it stopped getting oily to so quickly, and it looked better, as if it were lighter. Soon the bottle will end and I will buy the second one for sure. I highly recommend it!

  7. Mary JJ

    The one for high porosity really helped me a lot because after a good few years of bleaching my hair was seriously damaged and dry. I noticed the difference faster. It’s really a great product, a bit priey but worth the money!:)

  8. lizzie_93

    I started applying argan oil to my hair only recently and cannot wait to see the results of the treatment, I read so many positive reviews about it

    • Mayaa

      At first I was very happy with the effect but it turned out that an oil blend works much better. I never tried this nanoil but from what I see, I must admitt that the composition seems great!, I think I get it 😀

  9. lady_violet

    The best effect I ever had was thanks to using avocado oil. I had dry an damaged hair (too much hair straightening) and only a few applications made a huge differents. It moisturises incredibly.

  10. Diana S.

    Hair oiling help to regenerate my damaged hair, I had many different oils until I came across this one and I already know I will stay faithfull to it

  11. Heather33

    I used many hair oils but never had this one. I must say that after readng this text I cannot wait untill I try it out:D

  12. AnA

    Sweet almond oil is my personal favourite oil, it’s amaing but this one seems primising as well 🙂


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