Lashcode mascara: expressive make-up and effective eyelash care in one

Is it possible to combine make-up with eyelash care? Certainly, it’s possible as long as we choose the right cosmetic. And this kind of a beauty product is Lashcode mascara that combines pitch-black pigments, so as to obtain expressive eye make-up, with power of natural care substances. Learn the possibilities that is offered by Lashcode in applying daily make-up.

Lashcode mascara - expressive make-upHere comes the mascara that coats every single eyelash with super light, perfectly pigmented formula of twofold features – beautifying and eyelash conditioning. Lashcode is a product which answers to women’s needs who want their make-up to be more than just regular. Decode the secret of charming look in its best version.


Lashcode mascara opens up new opportunities for thousands of women who haven’t found this ideal mascara yet. It points the way to expressive look and stunning make-up while taking care of eyelashes, at the same time. Owned to the precise applicator and innovative formula enriched with nourishing substances, just with one coat Lashcode:

  • makes eyelashes thicker and denser without clumping,
  • separates eyelashes perfectly,
  • maximally extends and curls,
  • brings out the natural shape of eyes,
  • provides 24-hour make-up hold,
  • reinforces and takes care eyelash bulbs.

This revolutionary feature of Lashcode is owned to two constituents. Their combination fruited with first such a mascara which isn’t only irreplaceable in make-up but also it takes care of the delicate hair growing around eyes from its base to the very tips.

The shape of Lashcode applicator brush facilitates easy gliding even on short and thin eyelashes. The point-ended tip gets even to the hard-to-reach eyelashes coating them with the intensively black colour. The size of the applicator and the silicone bristles arrangement were precisely designed so as to ease eye make-up regardless of the eyelash shape, length and thickness as well as of the user’s skills.

Two-task Lashcode formula is the key combination of the best nourishing substances with the ingredients that coat eyelashes with black colour for the defined effect and maximally durable make-up. Healthy and strong eyelashes, which as the outcome of sorption absorb the best caring substances from the mascara, look as better defined with the powdery pigment. The caring substances present in this product include, among others, vitamin E, Scutellaria baicalensis root extract, pro-vitamin B5, arginine, as well as two extracts originated from wheat shoots and soy bean shoots.

17 Comments “Lashcode mascara: expressive make-up and effective eyelash care in one”

  1. Goddess

    long-lasting effect, possibility of application of few layers without spider legs effect, no flaking while having deep black color which is the most important for me when it comes to the mascara. Just ordered this mascara and I count on it that it will meet all my expectations 🙂

  2. izzy_bella

    Long, dense lashes which still look natural, unless you apply several layers. Then you get false lashes effect but beautifully separated. Sincerely recommend it.

  3. Bellatrix

    It is perfect in use, very quick and easy application, one layer works for me to obtain the go to effect, but if you want to emphasize your eyes even more then two layers will work. No smudging, no flaking even after several hours. I’m pleased with the outcome.

  4. Martha

    This wand is the best!

  5. Carrie100

    The wand is stunning, I’ve never seen before for the wand to separate lashes this great. Until recently I was a fan of regular brushes, but this one is a masterpiece 🙂 10/10

  6. Agatha

    you should definitely try it. I was a bit scared to spend so much money on mascara by unknown cosmetic brand, but I’m satisfied with my purchase. This mascara is delightful. Works great for my short lashes.

  7. Alexiss25

    Perfection of the year 🙂

  8. xxTrinityxx

    Truly long-lasting mascara, to be true I have never had 24h make-up but it stays on with no touch-ups needed throughout the day. Also, I don’t have to waste an hour for make-up removal, it is easy to remove with regular micellar liquid.

  9. Gabby

    My lashes are in good shape and I don’t need conditioners but I think that mascara that can nourish lashes is the best thing. I’d love to try it one day.

  10. Gabby

    I used it once and I think it’s okay but I will never spend so much money on mascara

    • Gretha

      In my opinion for this quality and efficiency, price is very affordable.

  11. Raaven

    I’m mostly pleased with the thickening effect because my lashes are quite long but thin. Lashcode nicely and expressively thickens and separates them. It seems like there’s more of them.

  12. Ilo58432

    Quite okay

  13. Florence

    do you know by any chance whether I can get it at some store? I’d prefer to see it before I buy it..

  14. Lydia1717

    Just finished the bottle and till the very end this mascara has never changed its texture, it woasn’t thick, no lumps. Perfect quality.

  15. MarthaCoffee

    Very good but as for me it’s comparable to other luxurious mascara on the market.

  16. Diana

    You can forget about your eyelash curler because lashes are beautifully curled 🙂


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