Laser Vein Removal. How to deal with spider veins?

Broken capillaries create a difficult problem for many woman. They disfigure our cheeks and in some cases it is extremely hard to hide them under make-up, especially when we want to balance camouflaging with natural look. Luckily enough, there is a fairly decent technique due to which you are going to get rid of, so-called, spider veins once for all. Laser Vein Removal is an effective solution for this problem. What is this kind of aesthetic medicine treatment about?

Broken capillaries develop as a result of hormonal disorders, problems with blood pressure and its circulation, or because of hypersensitivity of skin. Present-day aesthetic medicine knows how to deal with this kind of issues. In order to eliminate the spider veins you can undergo Laser Vein Removal treatment. In short, the lesions are treated with an intensive beam of laser light. It is completely safe and highly effective since it does not cause any damages to healthy, unchanged tissues.


During the treatment, the pulsing beam of laser light warms up hemoglobin. Thanks to this manner of working, capillaries become closed. What is more, laser affects also connections between veins and the area around. Thanks to this, the spider veins are removed completely. Again, unchanged, healthy tissue is not damaged at any degree. Furthermore, the treatment produces lasting results, and the lesion is absorbed by the organism within a few days since the treatment is over.

Before you decide to have your broken capillaries fixed by laser Laser Vein Removal therapy, you should be acquainted also with one more thing. During the treatment, you may experience a feeling of stinging. For that reason, skin has to be covered with a special cooling gel, some devices have cooling mode already built-in. What is more, there is a possibility of local anaesthesia. Obviously, it is performed if a patient asks for the anaesthesia. In most cases, there are only three sessions of Laser Vein Removal needed. However, their number is strictly connected with the level of skin lesions development. Another advantage of the treatment is that you can come back to your daily activities the moment the treatment is over. Nevertheless, it is suggested to avoid physical effort, taking hot showers and sunbathing.

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