Jade roller – the beauty hit for young and supple skin!

Are you interested in natural methods for beauty improvement? Jade roller is known for ages and its wonderful impact on the skin was confirmed by descriptions in Ayurveda and numerous traductions. Jade as a stone is accurately heavy and holds cold for a long time that is why it is the best lifting treatment. The regular use of a jade roller will surely improve your face shape.

The healing properties of jade

In complementary medicine and old Chinese medicine, the jade stone that is 100% natural is called the youth stone but also the mystique stone. Its properties are known since antiquity. Then women used it as a talisman that brings luck and wealth (mostly when it comes to material things).

According to the bio-therapists who studied the power of stones, the jade ensures longevity and perfectly takes care of the body so that it can easily heal itself from all sorts of afflictions. It is also the stone of those who are fatigued as it helps to relax, brings calm to the tired mind.

The information that we should be most interested in is that jade has perfect properties for beauty purposes. Its regular use makes it easier for the lymph to flow easier, puffiness is being reduced, wrinkles flattened and dark circles reduced so it gets rid of dull and fatigued skin.

Massage roller – the properties and benefits of the jade:

  • relaxes and calms
  • calms and soothes the skin
  • makes spider veins less visible
  • helps with rosacea
  • makes face slimmer
  • the massage made on regular basis makes skin smoother
  • stimulates lymph flow and helps get rid of puffiness around the eyes and on the face
  • makes skin visibly younger
  • increases the absorption of cosmetics by the skin
  • stimulates collagen and elastin fibers
  • improves face shape, elasticity, and suppleness
  • detoxifies
  • flattens wrinkles
  • speeds up cells renewal
  • stimulates collagen and elastin production

Jade roller for face – the method of use

Jade roller should be used in a determined way to bring the best effects in skincare.

Most of all, for the massage you will need face serum. Thanks to it roller will not only have slight slippage but will also avoid pulling the skin and will deftly move on its surface while performing a gentle massage. What is more, the jade roller used along with the serum will make the particles of the serum reach deeper layers of the skin because during the massage skin is better stimulated and prone to easier absorb the product.

Perform massage on cleansed and toner treated skin after you spread a drop of natural oil or a bit of your favorite serum.

Remember that the skin should be perfectly clean so no make-up residues and remember to use some toner.

Take out the jade roller from the fridge and start with delicate moves from the inner part of the face towards the outside parts – from the jawline to the temple and then from the nose to the ears. The next move should go from the nose down to reach the chin. Then move to the forehead massage and here also start from the middle area to the sides and from the hairline towards the brows.

How to take care of the jade roller?

Once a week you should leave the roller in a sunny place to preserve the stone properties. Wipe it gently with a wet cloth to avoid cosmetic residue build-up.

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