In search of face skin cure – Face Masks

Complexion care varies accordingly to skin type, its problems and the imperfections that may appear on the face. Despite all the cosmetics that can be bought in a drugstore or medicines prescribed by a dermatologist, you can benefit from face masks. Obviously, the best ones are those prepared on your own at home.

Matting Face Mask

It is one of the most popular face masks among young girls. In fact, there is nothing surprising in that fact since this sort of a cosmetic helps with decreasing sebum production, regulates work of sebaceous glands, unclogs skin pores and nourishes skin. What are the ingredients necessary for preparing such a face mask? Gather the following substances: two spoons of apple juice, three spoons of still mineral water and a few peels of aspirin. However, if it is your first time applying aspirin mask, start from adding only one or two pills since your skin has to get used to new substances. Mix the juice with water and add crushed aspirin pills. Basically, this kind of face mask can be applied either just before doing make-up, because then your skin will be matte and the unhealthy shine will be eliminated, or at bedtime. In general, you are free to apply aspirin face masks also when you think your face skin shines too much. Regardless the time of application, do it only on cleansed and exfoliated face skin and keep the face mask for approximately 10 minutes.

Face Mask for Discolorations

In order to prepare face mask that highlights skin discolourations, you will need: five tea spoons of lemon juice and honey, four tea spoons of natural yogurt and one glair of hen’s egg. Mix all the ingredients precisely. Now, you can apply the face mask on cleansed face skin and as soon as 15 minutes pass, the cosmetic should be rinsed with warm water. How does this mixture really work? The face mask highlights complexion discolourations, contracts skin pores, smooths and purifies face. What is more, regular use of the face mask improves look and condition of complexion.

Face Mask for Oily Skin

Oily skin shines mostly at, so-called, T-zone (forehead, nose and chin,) is hard to be taken care of and is usually covered with blackheads and acne. Under such circumstances, you can make good use of avocado face mask. How to prepare it? Suffice to collect the following ingredients: one glair of hen’s egg, a tea spoon of lemon juice and one avocado. Start with peeling off the avocado, and then, cut it into half and remove the seed. Then, put the fruit into a bowl, add the remaining ingredients and blend these all together. Mind you, the consistency of the face mask should be rather dense. Apply the paste on the face, cleavage and neck. You can rinse it with lukewarm water after the face mask cakes.

Face Mask for Dry Skin

The truth is, this recipe might look a little bit oddly. Why? Because the composition of this cosmetic includes… mayonnaise. In fact the choice is yours whether you buy the mayo in a shop or just do it on your own. If you are eager to make a homemade mayonnaise then combine cooked yolk of hen’s eggs, salt, mustard and oil. Set the proportions on your own. Now, coming back to the face mask, in order to make it, combine one spoon of mayo with a teaspoon of baby oil. Apply on face, neck and cleavage skin at bedtime, or when your skin requires moisturization. After 15 minutes, rinse the cosmetic with warm water. It goes without saying, that this kind of face mask is not recommended for people allergic to one of the mayo components or simply do not like the smell of this sauce.

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