How to thicken eyelashes at home?

eyelash Each women dreams about having beautiful eyes. Indeed, long eyelashes make our look more defined as eyes become more expressive. Having this in mind, there is no wonder why plenty of women buy eyelash thickening mascaras. Apparently, eyelashes can be thickened not only due to long hours spent on a beautician’s bed. Fortunately, we can obtain the same effect on our own. For example, it is a good idea to apply olive oil on eyelashes if we want to improve their condition. Thanks to regular application of this natural cosmetic, it is highly possible for the eyelashes to get longer, thicker and more shiny. When it comes to the application, the olive oil can to be put on in two ways. Firstly, suffice to use a Q-Tip damped with the olive oil and coat the eyelashes with the product. The second technique depends on damping a cotton pad with the oil (can be mixed with water) and apply it on eyes afterwards. The cotton pad should be left approximately fifteen minutes on. It is also worth keeping in mind that our eyelashes will never be thicker nor more shiny if our organism is weakened and we do not eat healthy. Certainly, shortage of vitamins affects condition of hair, fingernails and eyelashes in a fairly negative way. If we would like to make our eyelashes pretty again, it is a good idea to reach for eyelash serums. Their compositions were designed in such a way to facilitate improvement of eyelashes’ condition. Many of this kind of products do not only make lashes stronger but also thicker. Special attention should be paid to the eyelash serums which do not only strengthen eyelashes but also accelerate growth of the hair. Under such circumstances, it is not advisable to have false eyelashes treatment done when due to a little bit of our dedication we can grow our own strong, beautiful, natural and dark eyelashes.

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