How to eliminate blackheads? D.I.Y. face mask

What are blackheads and how are they formed?

The tiny, black spots that tend to create on nose, chin, forehead and cheeks are called blackheads. The fact is, combination and oily face skin are more prone to develop such skin imperfection than any other skin type. And how do blackheads came from? As an illustration, oily and combination skin have the tendency to produce excessive amounts of sebum. This in turn is generated by the distorted work of sebaceous glands, which is caused by either the unbalanced hormones levels or by fungi infection, for example, staphylococcus. Then sebum, dead epidermis cells, external contaminants and sweat gather in skin pores that are in most cases enlarged and easy noticeable. When exposed to light, the content of skin pores becomes oxidized and changes the colour into darker one. As a consequence, blackheads are formed which definitely does not look appealing.

How to eliminate blackheads?

There are several methods enabling us to unclog the skin pores. On thing to remember, regardless the technique you choose, blackheads will sooner or later appear on your face skin again. The time, these reappear on your face, depends on the skin purification method you choose to undergo. If you are not persistent and systematic enough, your complexion will be still covered with black spots.

You can, for example, visit a beauty parlour and have a manual skin cleansing method performed. Basically, a beautician will deeply purify your skin, apply a face mask and probably recommend a face care treatment appropriate for your skin type. What is more, apply a face scrub twice a week on your own. In such a way, you will smooth the skin, eliminate dead epidermis cells and make your face will look younger and prettier. Furthermore, prepare and apply homemade skin pores unclogging face mask. Thanks to this product, you will eliminate all blackheads at once.

Homemade Skin Pores Unclogging Face Mask – Recipe

In order to prepare the face mask that will unclog the skin pores, reach only for two ingredients: milk and gelatin. Warm up the products together a little bit and stir till these get combined. When the mixture is of room temperature, apply it on the face using, for example, a wide make-up brush. Keep the mask on the face for approximately a half of an hour. As this period of time passes, the face mask should become solid and dry. Then, you can take it off. The desired effect should be not only achieved but also immediate.

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