How to eliminate acne? A few tips for pimples

Everyday acne skin type care should begin with precise face cleansing. To do it, use a toner containing salicylic acid, which is able to unclog skin pores, remove contaminants as well as excess of sebum that tend to gather on a face throughout a day. Cleanse your face skin only in the evening. In the morning all that your face requires is delicate freshening up.

Remove the make-up precisely. You can use special dermocosmetics that are destined for both make-up removal and face cleansing. Let your face skin breathe due to elimination of a powder, a foundation, eye shadows and a blusher from skin surface. Obviously, make-up removal has to be performed everyday without exceptions.

sadadssaProvide your skin with natural pH. Use only natural products and pharmacy cosmetics. Limit application of preparations containing aggressive cleansing agents to the minimum.

Use only delicate cosmetics for face washing. These should not include parabens, fragrances, fats, and soap. Products containing the mentioned ingredients may make skin dry, boost sebum production and, as a consequence, development of acne. When it comes to oily and combination skin, it is advised to cleanse these skin types using products for sensitive skin.  In this case, the best solution is to resign from several cleansing products in favour of one trustworthy cosmetic or a home-made fruit toner.
If you want to eliminate acne, try to change your eating habits. Include  wholemeal bread, fresh fruit and vegetables into your diet as well as drink plenty of fresh, still water. Exclude fast food, highly processed goods, fats, salt, fizzy drinks and sweets from your daily menu.

Reach for anti-acne preparations, however, use these only on the inflamed skin areas. There is no logical reason for applying an anti-bacterial cosmetic on healthy skin. Your allies with the fight against acne are all the pharmacy cosmetics. Discolourations or single acne marks can be camouflaged with an anti-bacterial concealer.

Apply sun creams. Use these only when you are undergoing an antibiotic therapy or when you use an ointment containing derivative of A vitamin. Such preparations make all the discolourations become more visible. If you do not use any of the healing substances, you can benefit from sunbathing. Red marks are expected to get tanned and become removed with naturally flecking skin.

Home-made remedies are also good at dealing with acne. Give a go to a linseed, oatmeal, honey and lemon face mask. These ingredients have skin contracting, cleansing, smoothing and highlighting properties. Eat sunflower seeds because these contain a lot of zinc, the element frequently used for clearing up acne.

Good luck!

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