How to Care for Lashes? 5 Things that Cause Damage!

Many women dream of long, thick eyelashes that catch the eye. Too bad the reality tends to be totally different: they are thin, sparse, and fall out excessively. It is very likely that we are to be blamed for this state. We round up 5 things to never do to the eyelashes. See how to care for them and get the lovely look.

Eyelashes are tiny hairs located on the upper and lower eyelids. Nature has made them to fulfil a protective function and shield our eyes from impurities like dust or small insects. People, on the other hand, assigned them another role, which is improving their good looks. Undoubtedly, long, thick lashes having an intense color define the eyes and enhance facial features. That is why we do our best to care for them. Do we do it right? Unfortunately, not always.

How to care for lashes to keep them long and thick?

When it comes to issues with eyelashes, the problem is that most people think caring for them is unnecessary. We use mascaras, fake eyelash extensions, chemical procedures but we don’t strengthen what nature has given us. Eyelash care is essential and we must realize that at first. We need to condition our lashes!

The question is, though, how to care for lashes to make them thick and long naturally? There are many ways to use and here are the best ones:

  • everyday use of eyelash serum
  • use of oils on lashes, for example castor oil
  • good-quality make-up products
  • nutrient-rich mascara
  • home remedies for better lashes, for example petroleum jelly

How NOT to care for lashes? 5 things that cause damage

Not causing damage during our daily actions is what is more important. There are some things that do harm and we don’t even realize them.

1. Deficiency of nutrients in a diet

Deficiency of nutritional ingredients – particularly vitamins B, vitamin A, zinc, biotin or silicon – has a detrimental effect on the state of our skin, hair, nails, but also lashes. That is why, we need to eat a healthy diet and add more veggies, fruits and healthy fats to our menu. Supplements for better hair, skin and lashes may prove helpful too.

2. Lack of lash care

Not caring for lashes at all is the biggest crime against them. If you don’t keep them conditioned, you can’t expect them to be strong, thick and long. Use at least one effective product like eyelash serum or castor oil. Regular application at bedtime has a strengthening and beautifying effect on lashes.

3. Removing eye make-up all wrong

Make-up removal is another thing that causes lash damage. Obviously, we don’t mean a good way of doing it because sleeping with make-up on is very bad both for lashes and skin health. The key thing is what products we use and how we do it. Ideally use micellar water which traps and removes dirt molecules without the need for rubbing the skin. Oils work well for removing make-up as well. In each case you need to be gentle and never rub the eyes too harshly. Press a cotton round to the eyelids softly, keep it for a few seconds and move it to the outer eye corner – this way you don’t break or pull out the lashes.

4. Overapplying products

Using too much product – lash-conditioning serum, oil or mascara – may cause harm as well. Overeagerness is not good. The rule “the more, the better” doesn’t work for lashes either. Clumpy or weighed-down lashes will fall out, break off and get weaker.

5. Expired products

What is the expiry date for a mascara? In most cases you won’t find it on a packaging. Remember that every mascara preserves its properties for 6 months from opening. After that you need a new one because using expired products is harmful. An old mascara may clump the lashes, leave them stuck together, irritate the eyelids and weaken them because of bacteria, for example.

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