Hair dyeing – How to do it?

Why do women, and also sometimes men, dye the hair? Basically, they are either fed up with their hair colour or they want to cover the signs of aging, which are the gray streaks of hair. Regardless the reasons of dyeing, it is advisable to match not only the appropriate colour of a cosmetic but also the type of a product with our hair. So, what is the manner of proper hair dyeing?

Ginger or foxy hair are considered as bold colours. In fact, blond and auburn-haired people will experience the less problem connected with transforming their hair colour into a red one. When it comes to brunets, these people should undergo hair discoloration treatment first. However, suffice to use a developer and highlight the natural colour a little bit. Obviously, people who have highlighted their hair and now are the owners of for example blond hair, can dye the hair at will since each and every colour will cover fair hair evenly.

How to lighten your hair? Best to make the hair only 2 tones brighter than our natural colour because only then hair look natural. What is more, by doing so, we limit the risk of hair damaging or becoming completely dried-out. Mind you, brunets who would like to lighten the hair should entrust the metamorphosis to an experienced hairdresser. Your hair then will undergo discolouration that consists of two or three stages. In such a way, hair colour transforms gradually form black into brown and foxy, finally gaining blond colour. However, if you are afraid, that your hair gets damaged by lightening it, you can have so-called reflexes or lowlights done. If you want to dye the hair on your own, use a hair dye of only one tone brighter than your natural hair colour. Did you transform your hair into blond, but somehow, ginger or brown streaks of hair are still visible? In this case, it is suggested to use a hair dye of a cold colour, for example beige or light gray, the next time you dye hair. Naturally, if you would like to enjoy blond colour longer, apply appropriate hair care cosmetics (shampoos and conditioners designed for blond hair.)

In fact, the easiest way of hair dyeing is only when turning hair colour into a darker shade. The treatment does not require any discolouration and is fairly safe for hair. However, it depends on the amount of ammonia used in a certain hair dye. In a case of unsuccessful colour change attempt, fortunately, it is not hard to fix this. Wash off the colour by rubbing a shampoo into hair several times and then rinse it precisely. Mind you, lightened hair absorbs more colour pigment and turns darker way faster than dark hair. The last thing to remember, before hair dyeing, you should apply a hair mask or wash hair with a conditioner.

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