Eyelash serums. Effective beauty support

More and more often we reach for products which offer the answer to our beauty needs (e.g. eyelash growth enhancing serums). Are we the victims of marketing? Or do we really need eyelash serums?

These are eyelashes in particular that are responsible for accentuating our look and topping our makeup up. However, few know that eyelashes also fulfil a protective function because they form a shield against impurities that might get into eyes. For that very reason, it is very important to take care of eyelashes in the right way.

Eyelash serums are indispensable.

It’s a good idea to use them regularly because without these beauty products our delicate hair growing around eyes may get weaker and lose their growth potential. This seems to be double as important especially when we realize that our lashes are exposed to the adverse action delivered by various factors every day. To demonstrate, these factors include: the sun, toxins, synthetic substances used in cosmetics, waterproof mascaras, false extensions, etc. Daily application of an eyelash serum to the lash root is an easy way of reinforcing bulbs, slowing down uncontrolled thinning and counteracting brittleness. An additional benefit is the accelerated eyelash growth, which means that thanks to eyelash serum we take care of eyelash extension and improve their appearance at the same time.

There are a few alternative solutions, yet every one of them has some drawbacks. The truth is, women often decide to have false eyelash extension procedure carried out because they expect immediate improvement of their look. Synthetic lashes are a good, one-shot solution but, unfortunately, they can weaken lashes and intensify the problem of lash loss, if we attach the extensions too often. Another option is constant eyelash nourishing with the aid of natural substances like castor oil, coconut oil and other. This is also a good solution because every kind of support is useful for these constantly exposed to danger lashes. Sadly, applying oils to eyelashes or coating them with petroleum jelly is just interim help which effects will never be as enhanced as the ones delivered by a serum.

Not every eyelash serum is equally good.

Although this is a cosmetic that every woman should have at hand, it’s better not to buy them just somewhere. The comprehensive action of serums depends on their composition. Improper combination of ingredients, harmful substances or aggressively working preservatives may weaken lashes. Definitely, the best eyelash serum is the one which contains high quality nourishing and strengthening substances. It’s good if this cosmetic features natural ingredients, vitamins or vegetable oils.

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