Everyday eyelash care. How to accentuate your look in a natural way?

We condition our skin, hair and fingernails but somehow we forget about eyelashes. They also need support in order to grow properly and look good. What should be done to have beautiful lashes that define every make-up we want to wear on a particular day?

Eyelashes are built similarly to hair, yet they are smaller and weaker. Indeed, they are weak because we ignore them during our everyday beauty rituals. It’s worth taking care of nourishment, moisturisation and eyelash reinforcement because these fulfil a very important function. Eyelashes aren’t only a form of face decoration but also protect eye against injuries. These are eyelashes in particular to which we own the fact that neither dust nor any other particles get into our eyes.

How to take care of eyelashes?

The truth is, this doesn’t occupy much time. In order to prevent splitting, breaking or uncontrolled falling out of lashes, you need to reach for the right conditioning products. Also, it is worth introducing and adopting a few good habits into our everyday eyelash care.

1. Don’t apply false extensions.

All the treatments that require attaching false extensions or clusters of synthetic lashes may significantly deteriorate eyelash condition. Boosting eyelash look by extending and thickening them in this way works as a one-shot procedure only which is done, for example, before a special and very important life event. Having this type of procedure carried out regularly is a simple way to get eyelash bulbs weakened which has its unenviable consequence in uncontrolled eyelash thinning.

2. Supply with nutrients.

Delivering nourishing substances to lashes appears to be a very important issue. How to do this the right way? Supporters of natural care most frequently reach for vegetable oils. Sadly, treating lashes with castor or coconut oil requires a lot of patience because it takes really long for the effects to be brought out. In the light of this, eyelash serums seem to be a better solution, especially after realizing that such products might contain natural nourishing substances, including oils. When combined with growth stimulating substances, eyelash serums can extend, add body and reinforce lashes. Additionally, this kind of cosmetics are easy to use so everyday application can easily get into the habit of putting them on regularly.

3. Don’t injure.

No matter how many nourishing substances we would supply the lashes with, if we keep injuring them constantly, this procedure won’t make any sense. For that reason, it is suggested limiting everything which may harm the delicate hair surrounding eyes. There are more of adverse agents than just the above-mentioned false extensions. Other agents contributing to deteriorating eyelash condition are: waterproof mascaras, make-up removers that contain alcohol or preservatives, use of eyelash curlers, application of one-use-only false lashes.

4. Remove make-up.

Remaining impurities and residues of colour cosmetics can have negative impact on our lash condition. Hence, you should consider everyday make-up removal as crucial because only well-cleansed eyelashes are given the opportunity to regenerate at night.

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