Do you know what your hair are really craving for?

Hair. We take care of it the same way we treat our complexion, nails and body skin. In most cases, every women want it to be shiny, soft, smooth, strong and healthy. What is more, we apply special shampoos, conditioners and hair masks but, somehow, our hair needs more care. As a consequence, we visit a hairdresser in order to have hair beautifying treatments done, and while being at home, we test our homemade hair masks. But what to do, where to seek for help, when our hair are still dry, breakable, limp, fall out excessively and to make matters worse, our scalp starts to produce dandruff? The easiest solution is to find the very core of deterioration of hair condition and learn how to deal with it properly.

What are the most common causes of poor hair condition?

Firstly, lack of vitamins, mineral salts, macro and micro elements. Its low level can be a result of bad eating habits. To clarify, a person having problems with hair, in most cases, does not eat enough amounts of vegetables, fruits and other valuable foodstuff. Secondly, hair condition might be deteriorated because of alcohol and cigarettes consumption. Thirdly, too frequent combing, dyeing, blow-drying and straightening also influence hair and scalp condition negatively.

If your hair is weak and fragile or when you notice split ends, you should include products enriched with zinc, iron, proteins and fat acids into the diet. D vitamin, arginine and silica are the irreplaceable substances when you would like to grow your hair long. When hair becomes gray too early, then, it lacks of folic acid, biotin, zinc and B5 vitamin. Dandruff, in turn, is the result of magnesium, zinc and A, B2 and B6 vitamin insufficiency. Greasy hair needs more B2 vitamin. Now something about dry hair, supply it with A vitamin, zinc and fatty acids. Last but not least hair problem enumerated in the article is excessive hair loss. In such a condition, one has to consume more products containing iron, zinc, D vitamin and fatty acids.

Again, you can improve hair and scalp condition by applying appropriate cosmetics. The composition of such caring products should include, for example, keratin, plant and herbal extracts as well as minerals, to name just a few. It is also recommended to regularly apply hair masks and care conditioners as well as resign from hair dyeing. The use of a blow-dryer and a hair straightener is also not advisable.

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