Do you know how to take care of curly hair?

What is the best way of washing curly hair?

It may seem, that curly hair are difficult to be cared of. In fact, that conviction is not quite correct. The truth is, curly hair owners need only three cosmetics to provide the hair with the substances it need, and these products are: a shampoo, a conditioner and a hair mask. It goes without saying that a shampoo should be used for hair wash. Naturally, one has to remember to rinse the foam and the cosmetic thoroughly. Additionally, in a case one feels the need of washing hair twice, then there is nothing wrong with that. Moreover, after each hair washing and drying out, it is suggested to apply a moisturizing or a regenerating hair conditioner. What is more, it is also advised to apply a hair mask a few times a week. The hair mask can be either homemade, or bought in a shop. Regardless the type of the hair mask, one has to devote some time, in most cases even up to one hour, and leave the cosmetic on hair wrapped into a towel. Due to the warmth generated under the towel, the hair structure become opened and, as a consequence, the hair mask is absorbed better and faster, reaching even the deepest layers of hair.

Silky-Smooth-Hair-in-minutesHow to comb curly hair?

When to comb hair, when it gets dry out or while is it still wet? It is generally believed, that curly and wavy hair should be combed while being wet. In such a way, less of it is pulled out and the streaks of hair do not get frizzy. What is more, before every combing, it is advisable to spray hair with a no-rinse conditioner. This cosmetic is able to create a protecting and moisturizing barrier as well as a layer that provides gliding of a brush or a comb. Worth mentioning, curly hair should be combed starting from the ends. When hair ends are separated, than one can start combing it from the middle and at the end, comb hair starting from the scalp. Mind you, the comb should has widely-arranged teeth.

How to blow-dry curly hair?

In the summer, when the air is hot, it is suggested to resign from hair blow-drying. However, when the temperatures decrease, a blow-dryer with a diffuser, that can separate streaks of hair, can come in useful. What is more, the device should be equipped with temperature setting option as well as adjustable power of blown air. In fact, the most important is the cool blow that can be turn on the time we finish blow-drying our hair. Cool air makes the hair cuticle and scalp pores close. Additionally, the blow-dryer should be held in approximately 8 inches distance from the scalp. Mind you, before hair drying-out, it is advisable to rub into it a cosmetic of heat protecting features.

How to cut curly hair?

Curly hair that are layered gathers volume. These look as if there was more of it. The best solution is setting these in a U-shape. What is more, when curly hair are cut short, then the curl is strengthened. When it comes to wavy hair, these in turn becomes straightened. Basically, you can emphasize the curl by kneading the streaks of hair and applying a hair gel or a hair gum beforehand.

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