Do you know how to massage your face?

Have you ever wondered why Asian women are so beautiful? These women make no secret of the fact that they tend to massage their faces regularly. Obviously, it is not the only factor affecting their beauty. Despite the face massage, these women also use appropriate care cosmetics and maintain healthy eating habits (mainly fish and seaweed.) If you would like to have smooth and pretty face as China and Japan inhabitants, add to your morning or evening care routine a few-minute face massage.

beatyFace Massage – Several Useful Pieces of Advice

Before you start massaging your face, remove the makeup you were wearing all day or refresh the complexion with a fruit toner, in case, you want to perform the massage in the morning. Basically, Asian massage combines lymphatic drainage and techniques known from acupuncture. Due to appropriate ans skillful pressing and massaging particular face parts, you can feel the relaxation of some face muscles. Moreover, face massage improves also blood circulation and skin firmness, reduces swellings and shapes face greatly. It goes without saying, while massaging the face, you should use only the cosmetics that match your skin type.

Face Massage – How to Perform?

With your palms open, press gently the place where the jowl meets the ears, and then, move the fingers along the cheeks and the neck. Stop the movement as you reach the cleavage. Repeat the motion several times. Now, starting form the central part of the forehead, massage the whole face, performing the movements described above. Do not forget about the eyes. Use the middle fingers to massage the skin around these. Begin with outer corners of the eyes, direct the fingers towards the nose, massage the brow bone and end at the very place. In order to stretch the skin under eyes, move your fingers from inner corners of the eyes heading towards the temple, then, along the cheeks, the neck and the cleavage. By pressing the fingers towards the chin, move these upwards and end the motion under the nose. The wrinkles formed around the nose can be smoothed by massaging the face on sides of the nose.

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