Difficulties of Winter Skin-Care Routine. How to Protect Sensitive Complexion?

You eat every day, don’t you? You get dressed no matter the season of the year, right? Similarly, your skin needs care every single day, not just in the summertime. This is true especially if you struggle with sensitive skin issues.

The skin fulfils many important functions and contributes to the proper functions of the body through protecting against the harmful effect of many environmental factors. They are the most harmful in the summer and winter. The sunlight leaves a tan in the summer but it causes redness, itchiness and – in extreme cases – cracked skin in the winter. Biting wind, freeze, and changing temperatures are the most detrimental to sensitive skin. How to protect it? Which products to choose and when to use them? How to nurture the complexion?

Sunblock? Useful in the winter too!

You don’t leave the house in the summer unless you apply a sunblock? Good for you! Make sure you use it even when it’s cold and the skin is affected by low temperature as well as UV rays. With the lower temperature and harsh wind, your skin loses hydration gradually and gets dry easily. Therefore, rich creams are the best for the winter as they won’t be “blown off” the face but will secure the complexion for longer. A moisturizer rich in vitamin K protects blood vessels and prevents broken capillaries.

You need to choose and regularly use the suitable SPF products. Which factor to pick? If you’re bothered by dry, sensitive skin, then minimum 30 SPF is a very good choice (50 SPF would work best). A lower SPF may prove insufficient and you’ll need to reapply it to avoid irritations.

When to apply protective products for the best effects?

A proper application of a protective product is as important as its quality and ingredients. Why? Applying it too late makes it less effective and gives you irritations. Experts recommend applying the sunblock from 30 to 45 minutes before the exposure to the sunlight, harsh wind, minus temperature, snowfall, etc. If you’re going to stay outdoors for longer, remember to reapply the protective cream every 2 or 3 hours. Doing so, you save the skin from most hazards of the winter aura.

How to care for the skin in winter? Use high-factor creams, lip balms, etc. Choose them reasonably and make sure they are designed for winter conditions. One more thing: always wear a hat, gloves and clothes that match the weather.

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