2 in 1 – Daily and evening eye make-up

Sometimes, only perfectly done eye make-up is enough in order to look astonishing. Having this in mind, learn how to transform a day-to-day make-up into an evening one.

ghStart with marking the shape of the eyebrows

Next, cover the upper eyelid with a cream eye-shadow of gold colour and smudge it with a make-up brush heading towards crease of the eye. You can do it using a bright brown eye-shadow. Highlight brow bone with a nude make-up pencil. Then, mark outer corner of the eye with a brown eye pencil. After that, blend it with the previously-applied gold eye-shadow. Now, cover inner corner of the eye with a bright yellow eye-shadow and the water line with a white eye pencil. Next, coat the eyelashes with your favourite mascara. If you want to, you can separate the lashes with a special eyelash comb. In such a way, you will eliminate all clumps. Then, reach for a matte lipstick of bright pink shade and cover your lips with it. Finally, your daily make-up is now ready. This kind of look is excellent for work, college or lunch break spent with your friends.

Time for changing the daily make-up into the evening one

It will suit you perfectly if you are going to a party, a date or even a wedding reception. What is the core of the eye make-up change? Simply, you have to apply darker versions of the already-applied eye-shadows. So, reach for a dark brown eye-shadow and put it on crease of the eye. You can also add the gold shade that you have used before. Now, draw a black line along eyelash base. Do it also on lower eyelid as well as on eye water line. Additionally, apply blended brown and black shades on lower eyelid. Your lips should be covered with a dark red lipliner and a red lipstick.

To perform the above-mentioned eye make-up styles, it is recommended to use cosmetics of the following brands: Max Factor, Bourjois, Loreal Paris, Maybelline New York. Obviously, pick only the high quality products to make your make-up durable. Basically, daily make-up cannot be performed carelessly since the evening version of it might differ from what you expect.

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