TOP 5: Which Castor Oil to Choose for Hair, Skin, and Lashes?

Castor oil is definitely one of the most interesting natural beauty oils. It’s best known for stimulating hair growth and making lashes thicker, but it can be used on the face skin or nails too. How to pick a good one so it gives the best effect?

Castor oil makes many people think of some outdated beauty treatments used by our great grandmas. Interestingly, this oil is making a comeback! Even the most wanted cosmetics companies infuse it in their products. Why?

Properties of castor oil

Extracted from the beans of castor plant, this oil is a rich source of nutritional ingredients, among others, vitamin E, minerals and fatty acids, plus a unique substance which isn’t found in any other oil: ricinoleic acid which has antibacterial and strongly-hydrating effects. All of the components make the oil give amazing results.

Castor oil works well for hair, lashes, brows, but also face skin and dry patches on the body.

  1. Castor oil moisturizes and prevents dry skin.
  2. It keeps hair from thinning by strengthening the follicles.
  3. It encourages faster growth of hair, eyelashes, and eyebrows.
  4. It repairs brittle nails and makes them shine.
  5. It helps care for acne-prone, problematic complexion.
  6. It deeply cleans the skin, detoxifies, kills bacteria.
  7. It boosts shine and may slightly darken the hair.

One oil, dozens of uses

Next to naturalness and high effectiveness, there is one more benefit of castor oil, namely the multiple uses. You can make use of it in many different ways. Girls mostly treat it as a natural conditioner to stimulate lashes to grow, but even if you don’t need to make your lashes longer, you’ll find other ways to use castor oil for great results.

Pure castor oil works as:

● lash or brow thickening serum

● oil to strengthen brittle nails

● hair growth treatment

● natural scalp treatment for thinning hair

● the best make-up remover

● remedy for dry, chapped skin

We presented the most popular uses for castor oil but – shockingly – there’s more to it! You can find your own ways to make use of it!

Which castor oil is the best?

The ingredients, properties, and effects of castor oil depend on the choice of proper oil. Its origin and method of extraction are crucial: cold-pressed castor oil is the best. You should also make sure that your oil is organic and produced in an environmentally-friendly manner. To be sure of a product’s quality it’s easiest to find a certified beauty oil which contains nothing but pure castor bean oil, zero silicones, parabens or aromas.

For all seekers, we have a list featuring five best castor oils that are worth testing.


Size: 50 ml

the best hair oil Nanoil

Formula: Nanoil is pure castor oil, natural and vegan. It contains exclusively organic, cold-pressed, unrefined castor oil certified by Ecocert.

Effects: This is the best castor oil which enhances hair as well as body, face skin, lashes, nails, and even softens a coarse beard! Because it isn’t very thick, it won’t overburden your hair or skin. It is absorbed once it’s applied, improving hydration levels from within, adding elasticity, and protecting against external factors. Nanoil is a good make-up remover and face-care oil. You can also nourish your brittle nails or stimulate growth of lashes with it. On the basis of reviews, we figure it’s most popular as a hair oil. Still, it fulfils each of the above roles brilliantly.

Where to buy it? On the official site:


Size: 100 ml

Formula: Castor oil from the London brand, Earth To You, is cold-pressed and organic. It holds the USDA certificate, is free from GMO and synthetics.

Effects: This castor oil is a good pick if you’re big on natural hair, lash, and skin-care products. On the other hand, it has a flaw: it’s very thick (the oil isn’t thinned). Still, the effects are satisfactory. It works well as a natural hair conditioner – use it solo or mix it with other oils to make it lighter-weight. Earth To You Castor Oil mostly softens the hair and adds elasticity to skin. It creates a protective layer, hydrates, and speeds up the repair process.

Where can you buy it? On Amazon, at online drugstores.


Size: 100 ml

Formula: Junglück has pure castor oil on offer. The bottle is filled with cold-pressed castor oil from India, and rich in nutritional ingredients. It’s vegan-friendly.

Effects: A pretty good choice if you’re searching for natural beauty products. Junglück ramps up levels of hydration in the skin, including acne skin, plus it strengthens the hair and stimulates its growth. Thanks to being high in vitamins and nutrients, it intensifies the repair process. Too bad it’s so thick, which doesn’t mean easy application. This is a good beard and moustache grooming product.

Where can you buy it? At online stores.


Size: 50 ml

Formula: The product by Kreyol Essence is based on the Haitian castor oil, aka black castor oil (but the oil isn’t black at all). It’s natural, cold-pressed, pure castor oil without any additives.

Effects: We must admit, it works well. The Kreyol Essence castor oil helps you care for weak hair, brittle nails, and problematic complexion. Unfortunately, using it is quite tricky – it is one of the thickest oils. It works well for OCM or to rub into the (wet) scalp before shampooing.

Where can you buy it? On the product site, at online stores.


Size: 200 ml

Formula: Satin Naturel Castor Oil is an Indian castor bean oil, organic, produced through cold-pressing. The product is vegan-friendly, free from any enhancers.

Effects: Satin Naturel offers something for those who look for natural nail, hair, and skin-care products. This castor oil comes in a nice big bottle but it doesn’t stand out among other oils of this type. It improves hydration levels, nourishes, protects, and repairs. Use it for taming the hair and balancing the scalp functioning. To get the effects, regular and long-term use is necessary.

Where can you buy it? Online e.g. on Amazon.

Castor oil? Yes, please!

Is castor oil really a good choice? It proves best in many cases. Without any doubts, this natural beauty oil is a must-have which saves us in many situations when other beauty products fail. The key thing is choosing the suitable oil and using it on a regular basis – this is when it really works wonders.

Castor oil is available at trusted drugstores, e.g. those offering natural cosmetics. Remember that the prices of castor oil vary for different brands so you need to check the origin, quality and list of ingredients.