See 5 Best Face Serums for Redness-Prone Skin

Are you looking for a face serum to fight redness and spider veins? You’re in the right place! Here’s the latest round-up of the best redness-reducing face serums recommended by skin specialists and consumers from all over the world. All skincare products that you’ll find below are formulated with the best ingredients and are proven to deliver quick results.


Why does your skin need a face serum?

Some people think of a face serum as an expensive and completely unnecessary skin product. Well, when it comes to the price, we can assure you that there are both really costly as well as totally budget-friendly face serums that you can choose from. Obviously, some of them bring better results than the others but in general it’s better to use a face serum than not acknowledge its existence at all. 

Believe it or not but every skin type needs a face serum – this is what skin specialists say. They describe face serums as the cosmetics dealing with special tasks. What does that mean? Face serum is able to go through epidermis, meaning that it reaches deeper than other skincare products, targeting and dealing with every skin concern that you may have. Working from the inside, face serum improves the condition of skin, leaving it better-looking. 

In addition, most top face serums are formulated with just a few ingredients but it doesn’t mean that they aren’t efficacious. In fact, the limited number of constituents ensures better effects because each ingredient is given a special role to play. Each one of them targets a particular problem. Lastly, there are tons of different face serums on the market, so you can pick and choose to find the one that suits your skin type best.

Criteria to follow while searching for the best face serum

  • ingredients – that’s actually the most important criterion of all. This time we do it for you, choosing only the best and safest formulas free from silicones, parabens, preservatives and alcohols.
  • reviews – always check if the product you think about buying is top rated, whether it suits most users.
  • price – it’s advised to check how much product you get in the bottle. It happens more often than not that small serums cost twice as much as their bigger competitors. So if you’re careful with money, always check the size of the serum you want to buy.

5 best face serums for redness-prone skin

1. Nanoil, Anti-Redness Face Serum

Nanoil, Anti-Redness Face Serum
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Nanoil and its Anti-Redness Face Serum seems to be currently the most-chosen face serum dealing with facial redness and spider veins. And it’s not that surprising when you analyze the formula. The base ingredient is water, and it’s combined with four plant-derived ingredients: horse chestnut bark extract, lime tree extract, Boerhavia Diffusa root extract and cypress cone extract. This is exactly why this serum brings quick and long-lasting results. What results? 

Firstly, you can expect the serum to reduce capillaries and leave your complexion healthier-looking. Secondly, Anti-Redness Face Serum soothes all types of irritation and removes inflammation. Another plus to mention is the super-lightweight texture that needs just a few seconds to absorb into skin fully, without leaving any occlusive layer on the face. Finally, the size-to-price ratio is really favorable. Nanoil gives you 50 ml serum for a really competitive price.

Our rating of Nanoil serum: 10/10

2. The Ordinary, Ascorbyl Glucoside Solution 12% Vitamin C

The Ordinary is famous for its amazing collection of skincare products. Their offer includes dozens of face serums, and almost all of them enjoy immense popularity, like the Ascorbyl Glucoside Solution 12% Vitamin C that is dedicated for couperose and acne-prone skin (i.e. rosacea). 

While taking a look at the formula – and the name of the serum – it becomes clear that ascorbyl glucoside, which is a vitamin C derivative, is the key ingredient responsible for a couple of things. Firstly and primarily, it’s supposed to brighten pigmentation spots and limit the appearance of blood vessels. This is how skin tone evens out. Some users point out that to a reaction, you shouldn’t reach for other vitamin C skincare products if you use The Ordinary serum. Nevertheless, vitamin C leaves the complexion brighter and radiant.

Our rating of The Ordinary serum: 9/10

3. Lierac Rosilogie, Persistent Redness Neutralizing Double Concentrate

You don’t need to read the “how to” to realize that this product offers you not one, but two face serums closed in one bottle. This is quite an innovative solution, isn’t it? The day face serum provides protection to boost skin resistance to irritants. The night face serum is responsible for repairing and soothing the skin. This means that you need to remember to apply the serum twice a day.

Interestingly, Lierac Rosilogie, Persistent Redness Neutralizing Double Concentrate is marketed as a product able to remove all types of facial redness. In addition, it’s said to make skin less reactive, which again reduces the risk of redness. Unfortunately, this cosmetic happens to be hard to find, and even if you manage to find it, you need to pay quite a lot for this double-chamber 30-ml bottle.

Our rating of Lierac serum: 8.5/10

4. Origins, Mega-Mushroom Skin Relief Advanced Face Serum

Here is another redness-erasing face serum that can’t be missed out. Origins and its Mega-Mushroom Skin Relief Advanced Face Serum is a word-recognized skincare product. What does it owe its good reputation for? Mainly it’s the formula that contains very intriguing ingredients. One of them is reishi mushrooms that repair and soothe irritated skin. 

The longer you use the serum, the less prone your skin gets to external factors and all types of irritants. Not only does the skin’s appearance improve but it just gets healthier as well. When used regularly, the face serum reduces the problem of spider veins. The bad news however is that most users wouldn’t call Mega-Mushroom Skin Relief Advanced Face Serum a budget-friendly skincare product. Actually, this is the most expensive serum on this list.

Our rating of Origins serum: 8/10

5. Pharmaceris N C-Capilix, 1200 mg Vitamin C

It can’t be denied, the list of ingredients in this serum is impressive. Pharmaceris N C-Capilix contains vitamins C, E, soybean oil and avocado oil. Just like other redness-combating serums on this list, Pharmaceris N C-Capilix is free from these highly unwanted parabens and silicones. The form of vitamin C is non-irritating, and that’s what we like about this product. 

The serum erases discoloration and prevents the appearance of future spots. In addition, Pharmaceris N C-Capilix maintains melanin and stimulates collagen synthesis, which means that the serum handles a few tasks. The downside is that this product takes a long time to penetrate the skin. Some users also complain that the products leave oily film on the face. Still, this serum is easy on the pocket.

Our rating of Pharmaceris serum: 7.5/10