Hair oiling with Argan oil – the best methods

Argan oil is considered as one of the top-rated products recommended for hair care. It has a great balance of fatty acids, thanks to which, not only normal, slightly delicate, frizzy (medium porous) hair will benefit from it but also the damaged, brittle highly porous hair will find an ally in it on the way to beautiful, healthy and strong bands. Performing hair oil treatment with the use of Argan oil is extremely beneficial which is why it is so important getting to know the best methods of this procedure. 

How to oil hair with Argan oil – reliable methods

1. Dry hair and scalp oiling – Argan oil is to be applied to dry hair and scalp and left in for as long as possible (minimum 30 minutes, however, the longer the better). It is best to wrap your hair and head in a towel, go to sleep and let the oil work its wonders during the night. In the morning, simply wash it with a mild shampoo and dry your hair as usual.

2. Wet hair and scalp oiling – it is a very good method because by shampooing the hair prior to applying the oil, we get rid of any remains of cosmetics, dirt and dust that may accumulate on the surface of the hair and scalp. Leave it in from 30 minutes to 3 hours and wash the hair once again. Remember to use a mild shampoo.

3. Selected hair sections oiling (excluding scalp) – this method does not require rinsing. Apply a small amount of the oil to the most damaged parts of the hair, for instance, from the mid-lengths down or to selected wisps or just to the ends as a regenerating serum. Through this method, Argan oil provides protection to the hair, tames unruly strands and enhances its shine.

4. Damp hair oiling (without the scalp) – Argan oil is to be applied to selected parts of hair to protect them from hot air produced by the blow-dryer, of the damaging effects of using a flat iron or a curling wand.

During hair oiling, you cannot forget that Argan oil should be used in tiny amounts – this will not overburden the hair and will be easy to wash it off.