Ayurveda to the rescue. Therapy for weaken hair from Orientana.

We live in stress and we are always on the run. We have no time for rest or relax and sleep less and less. As a result we are always exhausted, have weaken cognitive functions and our organism starts to concentrate on supplying us with right amount of energy. Effect? Our hair, nails and skin, which loosens and covers with wrinkles, pay for that.

Hair become weak, matte and flat, but also break and fall out. Work of sebaceous glands in scalp is being disturbed and skin is excessively dry. As a result it produces excess amount of sebum and hair start to be greasy.

To help hair that fall out, Orientana created valuable oil with beautiful scent and miraculous properties: AYURVEDIC HAIR THERAPY.

This oil is a considered composition of many ingredients, which are known and used for ages in Ayurveda – Eastern medicine. Among ingredients of this product we can enumerate:

Coconut oil, that conditions and nourishes hair and prevents damages to their structure.

Sesame oil, that is great at regulation of sebaceous glands work and normalises sebum secretion.

Lemon peel oil, known for its anti-inflammatory and disinfecting properties.

Terminalia Chebula Extract will tighten pores in skin and nourish it.

Centella Asiatica Leaf Extract, is a plant native to wetlands in Asia and will provide hair with faster growth, just like bitter apple extract, which will additionally prevent hair loss.

Canna root extract, will eliminate all bacteria from scalp and prevent proliferation of the new one.

Lawsonia Inermis Extract, restores hair structure, provides hair with gloss and gently thickens them.

Acorus Calamus Root Oil, stimulates blood circulation and helps all active substances contained in oil to penetrate hair and scalp. At the same time it can help in removal of all toxins and metabolism products. It will nourish and strengthen hair bulbs.

Powdered Alma, prevents grey hair and hair loss.

Oil should be applied on dry or damp hair for few hours or for the entire night, then gently rinsed with shampoo. Regular use of this cosmetic works wonders on our hair and scalp. Good Luck!